OS 10.9 Tips

Mac OS 10.9 Tips

OS X Mavericks adds hundreds of new features, big and small, for you to tinker with. In fact, so many are there that’s it’s easy to miss the gems hidden in bits you rarely look at. Our guide picks out some of the best.

1. Notification Centre Settings
Another new feature of OS X Mavericks is the option to view notifications on your Lock Screen, similar to the way you can on your iOS 7 device. However, you may not want everyone who’s able to have access to your computer reading said notifications.

2. iCloud Keychain Password Suggestions
Using the new iCloud Keychain you can encrypt and save your website usernames and passwords to use across all your Apple devices. OS X Mavericks pre-fills all theentries for you as well, and it’s particularly useful on the iPhone 5S where inputting passwords is more of a pain because of the small touchscreen keyboard.

3. Do Not Disturb on your Mac

Like with iOS devices you can turn off pesky alerts and notification pop-ups when you want some quiet time on your Mac. If you scroll down, you’ll see a ‘Do Not Disturb’ option that will turn off all alerts until tomorrow.
4. Customise your Time Machine back-ups
Apple has introduced customisation options within your Time Machine back-ups that will allow you to leave out specific content. This is especially useful for temporary content that’s merely having a little holiday in your hard drive rather than setting up a permanent camp.
5. Get Emoji Quickly
If you’re addicted to the wide range of Emoji (or smiley faces) available on your iOS device, you’ll be pleased to hear you can now get Emoji on OS X Mavericks via a quick shortcut. You’ll be able to bombard your contacts with Emoji in your emails, iMessages and other text stuff by hitting the Command + Control + Space buttons at once to bring up the Emoji keyboard.

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